Polishing is a tuff and dirty job. Just think about it, if it were easy, everyone out there would have a polished boat!

Once you've decided to tackle the task of creating that "Show Piece", you're going to want to make the job as easy as possible.

Even though it's possible to get a descent polish job by hand or with a cheap "throw away" grade of buffer, we strongly recommend using a good HIGH QUALITY variable speed buffer. When you combine Sharkhide Aluminum Polish with a high quality buffer, you can DRASTICALLY cut down your polishing time.

The problem is, not everyone owns a buffer like this, nor do they want to spend the several hundred dollars it takes to buy one. Especially for a one time project.

We have the solution.
Why not just rent one!

There's a $275 deposit (plus freight) billed to your credit card on the ship date. The "Rental Time" starts from the day you RECEIVE your buffer. Better get started, the "Clock is Ticking"!

In your Buffer "Gear Bag", you'll find the Return Shipping Tag. When you're done, just box it up, use the supplied return tag and call FedEx to have it picked up. Once we receive it (in good working order), your card will be credited LESS the rental amount.

It's that simple!

To speed up your polishing job we're offering the professional grade Makita 7" variable speed buffer for your use. The kit comes with the following:

Makita model #9227C Variable Speed Buffer
Two (2) Seasoned Buffing Pads
Removable handle
Makita Gear Bag

$50.00 for Seven (7) days
$75.00 for Eight to Fourteen (8-14) days
(After 14 days, there will be a $5 per day additional charge.)

Feel free to give us a call any time and we'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Flatwater Inc